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GFCI Outlet Wiring and Electrical Switches

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1888 electricians will help to solve any issues related to Colorado electrical repair service in an apartment, house, office.

The scope of our capabilities and many years of experience includes electrical installation work on objects under construction and renovation of private, municipal, commercial property, industrial use: from minor repairs and installation to the reconstruction of the existing electrical supply system.  our 24 hour electricians know how to make your home safer and comfortable. GFCI is an electrical device installed to protect against a strong electric shock. GFCI can also reduce electrical currents and minimize electrical burns and shocks. gfci outlet wiring prevents short circuits where electrical equipment is near water or may come in contact with water. The ground fault circuit breaker also detects ground faults and interrupts the flow of electrical current. The GFCI is not and cannot be used to replace a fuse and does NOT protect against circuit overloads, short circuits, or shock.

How does GFCI work?

A normal 120-volt outlet has two vertical slots and a circular hole underneath or on the sides. Usually, the left slot is larger than the right one, it corresponds to neutral, and the right slot is called hot. The round hole is ground. When the outlet is working properly, electricity flows from hot to neutral. The GFCI measures the current flowing from hot to neutral. When properly installed, the GFCI can detect changes as small as 4 milliamps, and it responds quickly, in less than a second, shutting off the power.

Where to install GFCI

The GFCI National Electrical Code requires:

  • Underwater pool lighting
  • Outdoors and fountains will enter here
  • Escalators and elevators
  • Bathroom including hot tubs
  • Garages
  • Kitchen
  • Bar near pool
  • Laundry
  • Health care
  • Fairs and outdoor events
  • Construction sites

Portable GFCI protection may also be required whenever electrical equipment is used in garden work and when using electrical tools in and around the home. The most common is the GFCI receiver, very similar to the general wall outlet, very cheap and easy to install. A portable GFCI can be plugged into a standard outlet providing the required protection, and a temporary plug that can be used to provide the required protection but is not a substitute for a permanent one. For outdoor use, portable and temporary must be waterproof and designated for outdoor use by the manufacturer.

EV charger installation

If you are thinking about charging your vehicle right at home, for this there are special charging stations for placement in garages and private houses. 1888 Electrical services is a specialized company that deals with ev charger installation. The main condition for connecting the station will be the capacity of your electrical network. In the event of a low voltage level in the network, you will have to first coordinate the installation of equipment with your power plant, and, if necessary, increase the voltage. 1888 Electrical services choose the best option for you, taking into account the living conditions, the capacity of the electrical service.

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